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Insurance Brokers are not captive to any one company which means they are not required to sell any one company or any product - more choice means better opportunity to save money! 

  • This freedom allows Insurance Brokers work for you, without favoritism towards any one company.
  • Insurance Brokers are considered independent agents for each company they represent but called brokers because they are representing multiple companies.

Insurance Brokers are paid a commission from the insurance company for their service and free of charge for the consumer.  

Insurance Brokers bring value by saving time, money and energy shopping for affordable insurance policies.  Let's get started checking for lower premiums?

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Car insurance quotes from multiple "A" rated auto carriers for the best rates and coverage's to meet your needs 


Life Insurance for family protection, income in the event of a family member loss, business key person or charitable giving


Business and commercial building, general liability, workers compensation, commercial auto, cyber liability and more 

Auto and Home Insurance

Chances are your home and auto are one of your largest investments in life.  But, that doesn't mean you have to over pay to insure them.  Finding affordable insurance can be challenging unless you have a lot of free time.  Fortunately there's a better way... does the work of comparing multiple insurance companies at the same time, giving you the best coverage at an affordable rate.

Why Use

How Does It Benefit You is owned and operated by Insurance Brokers Group, LLC located in Chesterfield, Missouri. Licensed in multiple States including, Missouri, Illinois, California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, and Florida.

We are small enough to handle your insurance needs with an assigned agent and large enough to have the insurance products to meet your needs, including Auto, Home, Life, and Business Insurance.

Because we sell and service customers in many states it requires us to carry a variety of insurance companies. The benefit to our customers is more choice for coverage and premiums.

Our automated software gives us the ability to shop multiple companies at the same time.  We also review policies at renewal for more affordable insurance rates.  Our investment in technology is a real time-saver for our customers, but we still provide personal service you expect.

Because of our Experience helping customers across the country and a large selection of insurance companies, we are a sought-after resource for the media. We have contributed to many news and online resources such as NBC News, US News and World Report, Newsday,, and  

Contact us Monday – Friday (CST) 8:30 am - 5:00 pm at 314-569-1010 or Click for Quotes 24/7.

Insurance Agents vs. Insurance Brokers 
 What’s the difference?

Benefits to use an Insurance Broker vs Insurance Agent

There are small difference, but they can make a big change in what you pay for insurance.

Insurance agents and brokers both help you (the insurance buyer) purchase insurance.  
They are required to be licensed in the state(s) they sell insurance.  
They are also regulated by the law of each state by the respective department of insurance.  

The difference is who they or the insurance company.

Do you want some to represent you
or the insurance company?

Insurance Agents

Insurance agents have a responsibility to the insurance company.  Agents act as the insurance company representative in the buying process as they are typically salaried employees.   Most insurance agents are “Captive” to represent only one company, such as: Allstate, State Farm, Farmer, etc.  Because they are contracted as captive insurance agents, they are not able to discuss or recommend other insurance companies.  

Insurance Brokers

Insurance brokers represent the insurance buyer – you the consumer or business owner.  They are appointed or contracted with multiple insurance companies.  They have the flexibility to discuss many options and companies that meet your needs and budget. Insurance brokers have been around as long as insurance agents.  In many cases people will refer to insurance brokers as independent insurance agents.

What about Business or Commercial insurance?

Insurance Broker for Commercial Insurance

Business insurance can be very complex and can take a team of insurance professional to manage insurance risk.  Insurance Brokers Group works with Businesses to provide comprehensive coverage at affordable rates.  

We represent multiple commercial insurance companies actively seeking your business insurance with affordable premiums.  Call and speak with one of our brokers today: 314-569-1010 

what are independent insurance agents

What do Insurance Brokers do?

Insurance Brokers work the consumer vs. insurance agents who work for the insurance company.  Brokers are very knowledgeable with both personal and commercial insurance. Utilizing state-of-the-art rating software to find the most affordable insurance policies to fit your needs and budget. Insurance Brokers save time, money and energy when shopping for lower cost insurance.

happy insurance customer

It literally only took about 5 minutes for them to take care of my request for information with my policy. They are so nice and very prompt. I am very glad I got in contact with this company, and would recommend them to anyone!!

Jill F.    Missouri


Insurance brokers are in any city you would find insurance agents.  The easiest way to locate local insurance broker is online by simply searching independent insurance agents near me or insurance brokers near me.  Most local brokers are licensed in multiple states so if you have property or vehicles others states you can most likely use the same broker.

What are independent 
insurance agents?

Independent insurance agents are also known as Insurance Brokers. Insurance agents that are independent and not employees of any insurance company.  

You will find independent insurance agents represent many of the same insurance companies offered by local insurance agents.  The biggest benefit is the time savings individuals and business will find.  Because the selection of insurance companies for personal, commercial and life insurance is so comprehensive you don't have to contact several agents for quotes.  An independent insurance agent may represent 5 to 10 insurance companies. 

You can see how independent insurance agents can be a real time saver when shopping for affordable insurance.

how independent insurance agents get paid

How do Insurance Brokers get paid?

Insurance brokers are paid a commission based on the product you purchase.  It can vary, depending on the type of insurance like: home , auto or business insurance.  Commercial insurance may pay a higher commission since they have complex underwriting requirements and time consuming to find the right company.  They are paid for new and renewal business.  The service is generally FREE to you, but they are required to disclose any potential brokerage fee before making a purchase. does not charge a fee for our service.

satisfied insurance customer

Diana M.


Congratulations John E. on your award and thank you for your over and above help with our auto and home owners insurance.  You are tops in our book...a 5 star!!!  You have given us the help we need when we need it and always serves our insurance needs well.  Thank you again.

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