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Why Use An Insurance Broker Near Me

Just hearing the word insurance can put people into a panic.

It seems so complicated, yet it’s required in all sorts of situations.

There’s auto insurance. Home insurance. Life insurance. And that’s only scratching the surface.

The good news is that the average person doesn’t need to know every detail about insurance.

An Insurance Broker is someone who can help with all the complicated details.

Today we’ll be looking at what an insurance broker is, how an insurance broker can help customers, and where to find the top insurance broker in your area.

What is an Insurance Broker?

insurance brokers near me

Essentially, when you’re Googling an “insurance broker near me,” you’re searching for someone who acts as an intermediary between you and the insurance company.

Insurance brokers have in-depth knowledge and experience, so they can help you find the right policy at a reasonable price.

Unlike most insurance agencies, a broker typically requires no fee from the customer. They help companies and people get the right insurance for themselves, their family, their businesses, and their home.

Some brokers have all-encompassing services and work with a variety of insurance types. Others have a niche and work only as a home insurance broker or a life insurance broker.

However, regardless of the type, a local insurance broker is tasked with helping you find and purchase the best insurance for your needs. Most of the time, they do this all for no charge.

A car insurance broker is someone who represents you while searching for insurance policies. Instead of working for one or several insurance companies, they work for you instead.

This is the best way to get good rates on insurance, but since they don’t work for the company, they can’t bind the coverage for the insurer. Instead, they pass your account over to an agent or company to finish the transaction.

Things Insurance Brokers Can Do

Cost of insurance
  • Help you prepare claims and get efficient, quick, fair service from the insurance provider.
  • Listen to your needs and understand your requirements for insurance coverage.
  • Offer clear documentation and information, as well as helping with the needed paperwork so everything is in order.
  • Search the insurance market to find the policy or policies that best meet your needs.
  • Offer a clear statement of the cost of a policy without including any hidden fees.
  • Provide impartial, objective advice about coverage that both meets your needs and fits into your budget.
  • Offer help to understand the policy you choose, including any exclusions, the level of coverage, and more.

In simple terms, a broker is a negotiator or advisor who helps you find the right insurance. Unlike agents, brokers are also typically free to use.

How to Know Whether Someone is an Insurance Broker?

What do insurance brokers do

Each state in the United States requires an insurance broker to have a license.

What varies are the requirements to get the license in each state.

Have you worked with insurance agents in the past?

Most people have.

The difference with a broker is that the focus is on you, not an insurance provider. Brokers support your interests and give you advice tailored to your situation.

A genuine broker can help you identify your family, business, organizational, and personal liability risks.

Once you have that information, you can make better decisions about what insurance you need and in what amounts. The broker can also help you go through a variety of competing quotes.

Brokers are well-educated in terms of all the insurance products on the market, especially in the local area. They offer help to new and existing clients to meet their needs.

Some of the things that brokers work with include:

  • Boat and trailer insurance
  • Business loss of income and workers compensation
  • Commercial inventory and contents insurance
  • Drone insurance
  • Farm and equipment insurance
  • Group insurance plans of all sizes
  • Home and commercial property insurance
  • HVAC business insurance
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Vehicle insurance

The broker will explain the benefits, terms, conditions, and exclusions for any policy you might be interested in. This lets you choose the right coverage level for your budget and risk needs.

In some cases, a broker will also have the ability to negotiate with companies to get a lower rate depending on your history and the amount of insurance you are purchasing.

However, when it comes down to determining whether someone is an insurance agent or an insurance agent, all you have to do is ask. Also, their business cards, website, and other information will indicate they are a local insurance broker.

How is an Insurance Broker Paid?

How do Insurance Brokers get paid

So, we mentioned that you (as the customer) won’t need to pay a broker in most cases. The reason for that is because they get a commission from the insurance provider when you choose their policies.

This is also why a broker has no reason to recommend a certain insurance provider over another one. The only thing that factors into choosing a certain company is whether they offer the best coverage for your needs.

So, the broker is working for you but you aren’t the one responsible for paying them. Instead, they get a commission based on the premium you page according to state law.

This means you can trust a broker to give you professional advice on any kind of insurance but you don’t have to pay a fee to get that information.

A broker will have a license for the state they work in and part of that licensing process makes it mandatory for them to represent your best interests. This is a legal requirement so you can trust them to get the best insurance for you, not for a company’s bottom line.

The best brokers will see repeat customers, which is another reason that it’s so important for them to give you the best coverage.

On top of that, brokers often get a higher commission if and when you renew a policy. This means that the “brokers near me” that you look up have an incentive to make sure you’re happy.

The Major Benefits of Using an Insurance Broker

Saving money on insurance

There are several reasons to choose an insurance broker over an agent. However, many would consider their ability to offer several companies policies the top benefit.

A broker can analyze your risk and liabilities to decide the coverage that is needed. With the use of high-tech tools, brokers can also compare your options with ease.

With a broker, you will have less stress since there’s no need to learn about every type of insurance on the market. The broker is there to help you find the insurance that works for you.

A Duty to You Rather Than a Company

A broker’s duty is to you when it’s time to get business, home, family, or vehicle insurance. This professional is there to assist you, rather than assisting a company. That means your broker is responsible for helping you choose the best solutions at the lowest prices.

A broker’s experience in risk assessment will determine your requirements. This is especially useful for business owners who may have other focuses. Some of the risks brokers can appraise you to include:

  • Business interruption
  • Business property coverage
  • Employer’s liability
  • Keyman
  • Professional indemnity
  • Product liability
  • Public liability

An insurance broker analyzes your personal or business risks and determines the needed coverage levels. Only at this point will policies be chosen that fit your needs.

Higher Level of Impartiality

One of the most important things for a broker is being impartial. They can advise you on coverage and explain loopholes so you get the honest opinions and advice that you need.

Because of this, a broker offers many benefits over an agent or searching on your own. Some advantages include:

  • A single contact for policy changes, claims, and advice
  • A larger range of insurance providers to choose from
  • Extensive training, knowledge, and experience in various marketplaces
  • A most extensive range of insurance policy products
  • Skill in negotiations to ask the right questions of you and the insurer
  • Special insurance products only provided by brokers
  • An objective and in-depth risk assessment to decide coverage needs
  • Low rates with a better return on your investment
  • The most appropriate insurance coverage to meet your needs.

A broker has a huge role in saving time and money while preventing frustration when searching for the right insurance policies. They help you pick the right coverage while meeting all your risk needs.

A Large Number of Insurer Choices

insurance company quotes

An insurance agent only sells policies for one (or a few) insurance companies. However, a broker has a nearly endless amount of options so you can get the best price.

When you have the chance to review all of your options, you get a better level of control over the results. A broker will also have access to unique markets when going straight to the insurance provider isn’t possible.

Since brokers can work with many insurance companies, they search for the leading names after knowing your needs. This is why you can be sure you get the top coverage for the lowest price.

Lower Costs on Your Premiums

Wondering how a broker can offer all of this advice without costing you money? Brokers can give you the best prices since insurance companies offer them discounts.

Why do they offer discounts to brokers? Because they know that brokers will guide the right customers to them who will purchase their policies if they line up with their needs.

A person who has an insurance policy through a broker is less likely to make unneeded claims. They are also likely to be insured for the correct amount.

When you put these things together, an insurance provider can save money. This is why the savings are passed down to you through a broker.

The broker you choose will have a range of quotes with options that are sure to meet your needs and fit your budget. Being able to shop the market for the best price from various companies lets many people save money using a broker.

Ability to Save More Time

insurance agent quotes

Some brokers will focus on a specific sort of insurance. For instance, they might work with vehicle insurance, group health insurance, or business coverage. Many of these brokers offer additional services in their niche.

The truth is that everyone wants to save money on insurance, but you also have to consider time. A policy that fits your needs while making it easy to make a claim, being at a reasonable price, and having a solid policy can save you time from shopping the market.

A broker makes finding a policy a breeze. With the addition of phone and online support, a broker can get in touch with you immediately to get needed information even when first choosing a policy.

Insurance brokers can get fast quotes after you have a consultation and assessment. Even mid-term changes will be handled quickly and easily.

Choosing the Right Insurance Broker for Me

insurance brokers vs insurance agents

You may now realize that a broker can offer you what you need in terms of insurance for the lowest price and without wasting your time. But which insurance broker is right for your needs?

You want someone who has expertise, knowledge, and experience with the insurance you are buying. Brokers stake their livelihoods on providing all of these things to do the job they do.

However, some brokers are better than others. For instance, the brokers at are among the best.

Insurance Brokers lets you get fast online quotes or call in to talk to an expert, depending on your preference. Quotes are available for a wide variety of companies like MetLife, Nationwide Insurance, Allied Insurance, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and many more.

If you need insurance now and you want a policy that works for you even well into the future, consider visiting us to get a quote on the coverage you need.

You can also reach us at 314-569-1010 to ask questions or get additional information. We’re here to ensure you get the insurance you want at a price you can afford!

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John is married to Melissa, and they have three children together, as well as three grandchildren. In his spare time, John enjoys golfing and playing in the golf league, biking to their local brewery along the Missouri river, and going on motorcycle rides when the weather is nice.

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