Geico auto insurance rates

Why would you settle for saving only 15% on auto insurance when you could save up to 50%?

We’ve all heard the little Geico Gecko tells us how we can save 15% in 15 minutes, right.

But is that really a good deal? 

There are auto insurance companies that could save me even more

Let’s look at a recent case study.  This is a real customer at Insurance Brokers Group, who recently contacted our office for auto insurance quotes:

Melissa was shopping online for lower car insurance 4 days after her son turned 16.  She received a pretty BIG premium shock when she found out what her new insurance rate was going up to after calling her insurance carrier, Geico. 

Real Life Examples of Auto Insurance Savings

Melissa was expecting to pay a higher premium for her 16-year-old son, just not more than double.

Her current premium was $177/mo, which is kind of high for Missouri anyway.  But, when Geico said the new rate was going to be twice as much just to add her son, she freaked out.

It was going to cost her $2,160 more per year with Geico to “just” add her son on the current policy, with one vehicle, WOW.  

Time to start shopping for lower auto insurance.

Needles to say, Melissa was calling all the usual suspects including: State Farm, Farmers, Allstate and others just to hear the same news... $300 to $400 per month.  

After exhausting all the local insurance agents, she decided to search for insurance brokers and that’s when Melissa found Insurance Brokers Group.

How we saved her way more than 15% on auto insurance

We started off by gathering some information: driver’s, vehicle, etc. After we gathered the necessary policy information entered in our insurance rater software program, we began searching for better rates.

The leading cause of teen deaths is car crashes in the US, according to the United States Department of Transportation.

We learned during the conversation Melissa was planning on adding a second vehicle to the policy.  So, you can image the premium was going to be considerably higher. 

A brand new 16-year-old driver with a vehicle that was available anytime…can you hear the money flowing out the window.

Well, long story short.  After shopping multiple insurance companies, we came back with an awesome insurance rate from Progressive Insurance.  Two drivers’ (one 16 yr. old), two vehicles for only $139 per month.

(Full disclosure: after our initial quotes came back so much lower she decided to add a second vehicle, never insured with Geico and dropped the original car to liability only.  Also, the policy did not include any additional discounts like multi-policy)


Remember the other insurance companies including Geico where quoting one vehicle with two drivers, including us initially. 

Yes, you are reading correctly.  Melissa is now paying less for 2 cars and 2 drivers vs. Geico with one driver and one vehicle. 

Geico insurance vs. Progressive

Lexie was amazing to work with!! She saved me over $100/month on auto/home owners insurance. I would recommend them to anyone!

Melissa D 

We just ran over the Gecko and saved our “new” customer way more than 15% a year on car insurance, and in only 15 minutes.

What can we do for you? 

We shop, you save.

About the Author

John Espenschied is a long-time veteran of the insurance industry. He has worked in various positions within the industry for over 20 years, and for the past 15 years, he has been the owner and operator of Insurance Brokers Group, an independent insurance agency. John loves advising people on the insurance that meets their needs and goals, whether it be for personal or commercial purposes.

John is married to Melissa, and they have three children together, as well as three grandchildren. In his spare time, John enjoys golfing and playing in the golf league, biking to their local brewery along the Missouri river, and going on motorcycle rides when the weather is nice.

John Espenschied

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