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Home Insurance Cost

One of the main questions anyone looking at buying a home is what is the cost of home insurance.  Or, what is the average monthly cost of home insurance?

Fortunately, we've created a simple to use house insurance calculator that requires no personal information.  You'll be able to quickly see an estimated average cost of homeowners insurance based on the size and build quality of the house.

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Average homeowners insurance cost

homeowners insurance calculator

Calculating the average cost of home insurance is very important, especially if you are obtaining a home loan or mortgage.  

In some cases your income may not be enough to qualify for the loan and you'll need to find something you can reduce.  Home insurance is one of the only things you can shop for a lower cost in order to help qualify for your loan.

The three things that go into a homeowners mortgage loan are

1. The principal loan amount

2. Real Estate Taxes

3. Home Insurance Premium

Unless you are able to put more money down on a loan the amount you borrow will not change.  Real estate taxes are based on the sale price and future value, later on.  Home insurance is the only thing you can shop for a lower price.

House insurance calculator

Home Insurance Calculator Used By Loan Officers

Mortgage loan officers will use a home insurance calculator to get an estimated cost of your total monthly payment.  

The lender already knows how much you need to borrow and what the current taxes will be, but the question is home insurance.

A term that is used in the mortgage lending industry is DTI or debt to income.  DTI is a calculation of your total debt and expenses and your total income.

If your debt to income is too high you will not be able to qualify to purchase the home of your dreams.  Unless you can earn more money quickly and show the lender the ability to increase your monthly income permanently you'll need to find another option.

Reducing your expenses like home insurance is the best way.

How Much Is Homeowners Insurance

Average home insurance cost

So of the more common searches online for the average cost of home insurance include

How much is homeowners insurance on a 150,000 house?

How much is homeowners insurance on a 300,000 house?

Calculating the cost of home insurance is easy regardless if you live in a 1,000 or 10,000 square foot home.  Our two step process gives you a quick estimated cost of homeowners insurance based on two simple entries 1. The size of the home and 2. The build quality.

Is the home a typical neighborhood subdivision home or something more upgraded or even a one off custom build?

How much should home insurance cost?

Try our homeowners insurance calculator now.

How much home insurance do I need?

How much homeowners insurance do I need

Every insurance company has a different way they calculate the amount of insurance you need.  

Insurance companies will use a similar method to calculate the replacement cost of your house.

Some of the factors that will adjust the amount you'll pay or the premium amount is age of home, age of roof, any updates, number of bathrooms, number of garage spaces, any detached buildings, how close are you to the fire department and type of construction.

If you would like an accurate replacement cost of your home and a quote for homeowners insurance click here or the link below.  We will search multiple "A" rated home insurance companies for affordable rates.

Top 5 States Searching for Lower home insurance

When we developed our home insurance cost calculator we were not sure which states would use it the most.  

Well, here are the results... 

1. Texas
2. California
3. Florida
4. Missouri
5. Illinois

Followed by Ohio

These states have found out calculator very useful when buying a new home or simply checking to see if the home insurance premium they are paying is still competitive.

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