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Why savvy consumers use independent auto insurance agents to get the best rates, and how you can to.

You might be surprised at the Mind-blowing savings people receive when shopping online for a local independent auto insurance brokers.

But, before we get started you might have some questions about what insurance brokers do exactly.

Let’s learn what independent insurance agents do to help you save money and find affordable insurance.

What are Independent Agents?

Independent insurance agents or brokers are basically agents that are not exclusive to any one insurance company.  

As Independent car insurance agents they are not required to sell any one company.  This gives brokers or independent agents the flexibility to offer many of the best insurance companies at the most affordable rates.  

More choice gives you the opportunity for more savings, it's really that simple.

How do Independent
Insurance Agents 
Get Paid?

Independent insurance agents and brokers are paid commission based on the insurance you purchase.  

Insurance Brokers receive a commission directly from the insurance company.  They are paid based on the total premium.  
In some cases insurance company may pay "as earned" insurance commission.  This basically means every time you make a monthly payment the insurance agent will get paid a commission to service the policy. 

If the insured decides to cancel the policy anytime during the policy period the broker/agent would be charged back or required to return any commission not earned.

All insurance companies vary on how they pay independent insurance agents commission and how much per policy as well.  

Commissions earned are paid directly from insurance companies to the insurance broker.  This also gives brokers the opportunity to work with multiple insurance companies without passing the cost on to you.

Insurance Agent Vs Insurance Broker

What's the difference between
an Insurance Agent and an 

insurance broker

It seems that the "term" Insurance Agents and Insurance Brokers are used in many of the same conversation when discussing insurance.  

There are some differences you should understand between insurance agents and brokers.  

captive vs independent insurance agent

Insurance Brokers are independent agents that do not work for anyone insurance company.  

Insurance Agents, such as Allstate, Farmers, AAA, State Farm represent only one company. 

Independent insurance brokers contract with insurance companies directly to sell each company's insurance products.    

Insurance Agents are bond to one company and will recommend that carriers insurance products only.

Example: Insurance Brokers Group is contracted with multiple carriers like, Safeco, The Hartford, Progressive, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual and more.

InsuranceBrokers.com is authorized to sell auto, home, commercial, life insurance and other insurance products offered by those companies.

Having the flexibility to shop multiple insurance companies. A  Local Independent Insurance Broker gives customers more options and a chance at lower insurance cost.  

In many cases bundling auto and home insurance together is a smart way to save money.

But, NOT always...

Some insurance companies may be very competitive with auto insurance but not with home insurance.  

Having flexibility allows independent insurance brokers the ability to mix and match different companies for the best insurance rates.

local car insurance agents

There are two types of Auto Insurance Agents.

  • The first kind of insurance agent is known as a captive agent.  Captive insurance agents work directly as an employee of the insurance company or is “captive” to only sell that company's insurance products like: auto, home and life insurance.  
  • The captive insurance agent is limited to only provide quotes for that company and are not allowed to search or even recommend a more affordable insurance company.  
  • Most people are familiar with Captive insurance agents and didn’t even realize it.  Insurance companies like AAA, Allstate, Farmers, State Farm, GEICO, American Family and others.

Independent Insurance Agents

There are many great insurance companies.  But,  if you are trying to get lower insurance from a captive Insurance agent you’re out of luck.  

About the only thing they can offer is changing your deductibles or lowering your liability limits.

Both options may seem like ways to lower your insurance premium until you have a claim.

  • The other type of insurance agent is called an independent insurance agent.  Independent insurance agents are basically the same and insurance brokers. 
  • But, because most people are not as familiar with the term insurance broker they also say someone is an independent insurance agent.  Same situation would apply being independent meaning not tied to any one insurance carrier or required to push a product you don’t need or want.

Auto insurance agents near me

Some independent insurance agents sell in multiple states like Insurance Brokers Group.  Or, you can look for a local insurance broker near you for rate comparisons.

Depending on what state(s) an insurance broker is licensed, and what insurance companies they represent.   You can simply call or go online to shop, compare and buy insurance

In years past where there was an insurance agent on every corner.  Today people don’t have the time or energy for a sit-down meeting and review with several agents.  

Ask a friend or family member for a referral to a local independent insurance agent in your area for quotes.

Jump start your car insurance shopping by going online. 

But, be careful...

Sometimes you reach these online insurance marketing websites and receive a crushing amount of calls and emails from agents buying insurance leads.  

You could received call from 5 - 10 agents non-stop, even after you make a purchase to quote your insurance.

Sadly, some websites are deceptive in their marketing and give shopper the impression they’ll be contact by just one company.  

How can you avoid this problem?

If you notice several company names mentioned like Allstate, Farmer, State Farm, Esurance, etc. that will tell you they are selling “leads” to captive and independent agents alike.  

That's a sure way to spot a marketing company reselling your information to multiple insurance agents.

What we recommend, even if you  work with a car insurance
agent near you

Call and speak with the insurance agent directly and ask if you are going to be receiving calls from multiple insurance agents or just the person you called.  

1. Ask what companies they represent in your state.

2. How long have they been in business

3. Will they automatically shop for lower rates at renewal

Comprehensive Auto Insurance 


Getting quotes is important when shopping for affordable insurance and independent insurance agents will be able to give you several quotes.  Make sure they offer comprehensive auto insurance plans that meets your needs. 

  • Do you need comprehensive and collision coverage?
  • Does the quote include rental car if involved in an accident?
  • What about towing and labor coverage
  • Is there loan or lease GAP coverage? (if your "new" vehicle is worth less than the current loan amount)
  • Do they have accident or ticket forgiveness in the quote?

Insurance quotes is more than just a cheap price from a local insurance agent.  Make sure they are offering all the coverage’s you need or may need. 

One of the worst feelings after filing and insurance claim is to find out you didn't have coverage for that. 

Something as inexpensive as rental car coverage can typically be added for about $1 per month.  

You will never appreciate the small investment until you find out your car will be in the shop for repairs for the next 30 days waiting on parts and you get a $900 rental car bill.  

Do the math $1-month x 12 months = $12.  $900 rental car / $12-year rental car coverage = 75 years you would have to go without needing a rental car. 

Yes, having a comprehensive auto insurance plan is not only smart it can save you money as well.

What Makes up Auto Insurance Rates

The insurance premium a motor vehicle owner pays is usually determined by a variety of factors including the type of covered vehicle, the age and gender of any covered drivers, their driving history, and the location where the vehicle is primarily driven and stored. Credit scores are also taken into consideration. Most insurance companies offer premium discounts based on these factors.

For more information on auto insurance quotes or to speak with an independent car insurance agent / broker call: Insurance Brokers Group at 800-459-6060 or Click HERE for online insurance quotes.

Why Choose an independent insurance agent

1. They are independent from any one insurance company

2. More choice of companies

3. 9 out of 10 times lower insurance premiums

4. Same service you would receive from an agent

5. No need to shop in the future

6. No additional cost or fees

If you're not have luck finding an independent insurance agent near you click for quotes 24/7.
Or, call us directly 314-569-1010 8:30 - 5 CST
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