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Shopping for lower cost insurance In Missouri?

But, you don’t want to give up quality coverage and service.

The question is…

How do I find the best Independent Insurance agents in St Louis?

Are you currently working with a Captive Agent who only represents ONE insurance company?

Have you considered using an independent insurance agent or broker?

You might be surprised.


Missouri Insurance Brokers work with many companies, which means you have more choices. More choices equal better prices.

You know the old saying, "get at least three bids on anything." Well, the same thing is true with insurance. Regardless if it's auto, home, business of life insurance. The more options or in this case insurance quotes the more likely you'll find better rates.

But, who has the time or energy to contact multiple independent insurance agents. You wind up giving the same info over and over.

In contrast, local insurance brokers can shop lots of companies at one time for no extra charge.

How do I find the best auto insurance rates

How to Find the Best Insurance Brokers in St Louis

Now that you’ve decided to try an Insurance Broker you most likely want to work with the best.

As a result, you are now back to the question of how to find a local independent insurance agent near you in St Louis.

Furthermore, not all local brokers are going to be a good fit for your needs.

Here’s a quick TIP for someone in the St Louis area looking for an independent agent:

Go Online...

Doing a quick search for the following terms:

Insurance Brokers Near Me. Or, Local Insurance Brokers in St Louis will bring several results. Make sure to ask the question above so not to waste your time.

How to narrow the search for auto and home insurance brokers

Specify what you are looking for. 


Auto Insurance Brokers in Saint Louis, Missouri. Or, Chesterfield, MO or whatever your city. Even include your zip code if needed.

Are you a Large commercial business?

You'll want to find a large Missouri Insurance Brokerage. Agencies experienced with handling companies with 500+ employees. Or sales exceeding $50 million or more. Because you'll need more than insurance products you'll also need risk management.

Small to Medium business:

Most local St Louis insurance brokers will have a variety of companies. Small to Medium size businesses work well with most commercial carriers.

Personal Insurance:

Most local brokers focus on commercial insurance. Make sure your Independent Insurance Agent that does at least 50% personal insurance.

PRO TIP – if the brokers is not selling 50% or more personal insurance they "probably" are not interested in that type of insurance.

Because large Missouri insurance brokers will only sell personal insurance as an accommodation. Selling a $100,000 commercial policy vs. $1,000 auto policy. They'll spend a whole lot more time servicing 100 personal policies vs. One big policy.

Chance is the junior trainee starting out in the insurance world will be the one working on your policy.

Conclusion: Matching the right local Missouri Insurance Agent with your needs is important.

Find St Louis Insurance Brokers near me

If a friend or neighbor hasn't already referred you to a good St Louis Insurance Broker, Listen up.

Here's the fastest way to find local independent agents in the St Louis area:  Search online for Insurance Brokers Near Me

Our agency sells insurance all around the country. But, even we don't offer in every state. You'd be surprised how often we get calls from Hawaii, Alaska and even Canada.

As a matter of fact, the first question after hello is what state are you calling from.

To summarize: search online and ask what kind of insurance they specialize in. Or, for personal insurance, what percentage of their insurance sales are Personal vs. Commercial.

independent insurance agents st Louis mo

St Louis Car Insurance Quotes

Now that you'll found a trustworthy local st Louis insurance agent, here are a few tips you'll want to follow. 

Car insurance rates vary not only by company but type of coverage.  

What does that mean, by coverage?

Some companies many charge more or less for liability coverage, or collision. What you'll want to do is layout your current coverage's for an apple to apple comparison. The simplest way to do that is provide a copy of your DEC page. The Declarations page spells out all your coverage's.

Forget that companies will vary in what is charge for certain aspects of the policy. Look at the total cost per 6 or 12 months, compared to your current policy.

You also want the agent to make recommendations on your current insurance coverage. Chances are you are under insured. Or you could lower your deductible, for a minimal difference in cost.

Maybe you're paying for rental car coverage, but another company includes it automatically. Compare and ask questions, check rates and reviews online.

Any Missouri insurance broker selling personal auto insurance should be able to answer all your questions. Remember, cheap auto insurance in St Louis requires a minimum of $25,000/$50,000 liability coverage.

How Much is Car Insurance in Missouri?

Missouri is generally in the middle when it comes to auto insurance rates across the country.

Larger cities or metro areas like St Louis will find higher premiums due to the nature of urban life.

Suburban areas of St Louis County or rural Missouri will find lower premiums.

Home Insurance in Missouri

independent homeowners insurance agents near me

Missouri homeowners face more difficult weather circumstances than many other states.

Due to the extreme summer heat and bone chilling winter weather, roofs take a beating.

Chance are if you've owned a home more than 10 year in Missouri you've had a new roof installed.

hail damaged roof

Hail is the
#1 reason for roof
Replacement in Missouri. 

The most home insurance question we get is:
How much is homeowners’ insurance in Missouri?

That is a great question...

In the past 10 years we have seen the average home insurance policy in the St Louis area go from around $600 to over $1,000. The biggest reason is hail related claims. The average roof replacement is $6,000 - $8,000.

So, one of the biggest questions you should be asking besides prices is coverage.

Let me explain. There are two options when it comes to roof replacement: ACV or actual cash value or Full Replacement. ACV is the depreciated value of the roof less your deductible.

Example: Let's say you have a 10-year-old roof that has a life of 20 years. It's damage in a hail storm.

The adjuster determined it needs full-replacement. The roof would be considered 50% used or if the roof cost $6,000 to replace the insurance company would pay $3,000. Remember, you probably have a $1,500 deductible, so the net amount is $1,500 paid for your damaged roof.

Ouch, that cheap home insurance policy is going to cost you $4,500 out of pocket to replace the roof.

Instead of taking the ACV policy look for a full replacement roof policy. That same $6,000 roof would still cost you a deductible of $1,500 but that's it.

If you're using the right Missouri Insurance Broker, they'll recognize the potential pitfalls. Having the right advice could save you thousands now and in the future.

Who's the Best Home Insurance Company is Missouri?

The best homeowner’s insurance in Missouri is the one that will give you the best coverage's and the lowest premium.

As discussed above, make sure the Insurance Broker you work with is compatible with the type of insurance you need.  

As Auto and Home Insurance Brokers in St Louis we specialize in personal insurance in Missouri and across the country.  

Find out if you qualify for the cheapest auto insurance St. Louis, MO. Click here for best local rates

For more information on local St Louis Missouri insurance agents and broker or to receive quotes call 314-569-1010 or Click for Quotes HERE.

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