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How to find the best insurance agent near me?

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How do I find the best independent insurance agents near me? 

This is something that I've wondered about on more than one occasion.  Have you also wondered this before?

Even if you haven't, I bet you're thinking about it now.

Lucky for you, I've already looked into it. Better yet, I've got quite a bit I can share with you about all of this.

I've got a lot to say about this, but I've tried presenting it in a fashion you can read quickly and easily. Let's start with my 4 best tips for finding local insurance agents!

Let's Get Started...Saving money on insurance!

1) Ask People You Trust for Recommendations

Local insurance agents

Word of mouth was a very effective way to find things before the Internet, and yet somehow now it's more powerful than ever.

Whether you're looking for an auto insurance agent, home insurance agent, or life insurance agent, talk to your friends and family for their referrals.

Just be sure you are getting suggestions for the right reasons.

Someone recommending local insurance agents just because they send their clients birthday cards might not be the best insurance agent you want or need.

If you're like me, you love the idea of having an insurance agent because you enjoy in-person appointments. That means you should stay close to where you work and live.

I love how so many insurance companies can be contacted online or over the phone, often 24/7. It's incredibly convenient.

However, it's also really impersonal. Face-to-face communication and treatment are so rare now, and yet I love it!

The guy on the phone will be looking to solve whatever problem you have at the moment.

But, a local agent wants to serve your best interests, not just hang up on you as quickly as possible. No offense, Jake from State Farm.

2) Do a Round of Interviews

Top rated insurance agents

Hopefully, you get enough suggestions from the people you actually trust to be able to interview two or even three agents. This might seem tedious, but it's worth it if you want to find someone that will serve you well and for a long time.

Don't rush it.

One thing I like to do with such interviews is telling insurance agents about my personal circumstances. The good ones tell me how they can help with their products and services, but the great ones give me advice.

I love good advice, especially when it's free!

Of course, you also want to check up with them about their experience, licensing, certifications, and all that jazz. But, how they can help you protect your life, family, and assets is what really matters.

That's just as true for a life insurance agent as it is for car insurance agents near me. I always ask for their resume and references.

If they can't provide these to me, I move on. Any agent worth their salt can show off a bit because they've earned the trust of previous clients.

Professionalism and trust matter to me a lot, and they're both crucial to finding both company and independent insurance agents near me. Forming an agent-client partnership or relationship means that I, as a policyholder, have to divulge lots of different pieces of personal information.

If an agent can't convince me others trust them, I'm not going to roll the dice on you either.

3) Identify True Experts

I don't want insurance agents who can help me find great policies. I want actual insurance experts.

You should want an insurance expert too.

Why? They won't just help you find great rates and premiums, but they'll also help you get the most bucks out of potential claims.

Before that, they'll even help you make sure you get your claim filed properly.

It shouldn't stop there. Policy needs and insurance coverage changes over time, often annually, so you need an agent that communicates such things to you whether they've already got your business or not.

Sales experience isn't the only expertise you should look for. I've found agents with other kinds of experience, be it claims, underwriting, or other things, that have provided me with valuable insights into the entire industry.

4) Investigate Their Background

While you should have already asked them for referrals and a resume, you might have already asked them about their license, their certifications, and even their own insurance, if such things apply in your state.

No matter what they give you, don't take it at face value. Trust, but verify.

You also need to look to see what kind of complaints they have against them.

Most state governments have insurance offices that regulate the local industry. They should have a website where you can look for license status and even complaints.

You need and deserve an agent who is licensed properly and has demonstrated a solid track record. You have to have someone that takes your interests to heart.

Now that I've covered the 4 basic steps in how to find an insurance agent near you, the next question you might have is whether or not you even need one.

Seriously, why would I need an auto insurance agent or home insurance agent near me when I can find insurance representatives online or over the phone at all hours? 

Why Do I Need to Find Insurance Agents Near Me?

Insurance agents in my area

Whether it's car insurance agents near me or any other kind of insurance, there are multiple reasons why I like having professionals in my community.

I alluded earlier to facetime and direct personal interaction being so precious in a world where technology defines so much of our communication.

That's not to say I always go to my insurance agent's office. Sometimes I call them, but I still know who is answering the phone.

I even know where they are.

I like that I can call my car insurance in the middle of the night if I need to, but seriously, where are they?

Some call centers are in other states, other time zones, and even other countries.

But aside from the personal touch, who needs their own insurance agent? 

I'm going to answer my own question and tell you who:

-Anyone looking for life insurance

-Affluent households or those very successful in their careers

-Anyone needing commercial insurance, especially business owners

-Human resources managers

-Property managers

-Foreign governments

-Anyone famous or playing a professional sport

Granted, some of these might not apply to you. Fame certainly doesn't apply to me, but needing life insurance did.

Anyone that has even remotely special insurance needs should have their own local insurance agent help them out.

4 Specific Advantages of Having Your Own Insurance Agent Near You

Okay, so maybe most of that list of who should have their own insurance agents doesn't apply to you, or just not yet. Still, your career success and growing family could be right around the corner.

So, what are the specific benefits anyone can enjoy from having their own insurance agents?

Here are 4 biggies:

1) You Can Save Money

insurance agents to save money

Insurance agents can shop your policies around annually to find the best deal. Independent brokers can shop around a lot of different carriers, but even corporate agents know all the ins and outs of the one carrier that they work for.

2) You Can Save Time

insurance agent quotes

An insurance agent is a one-stop-shop. You don't have to spend hours getting a dozen quotes on your phone or tablet.

Sure, most quotes are something you can do in 15 minutes or less. But that's per company!

A dozen 15-minute quotes is three hours of your life! One agent can do it all for you.

3) You Get Service

CSR for Insurance Agent

Remember that trust I was talking about earlier? If I just got in a car wreck or had my house broken into, I don't want to talk to a stranger on the phone, even if it's Jake.

I want to feel safe, and that happens at least a little when I talk to someone friendly and familiar who has already earned my trust.

4) Oh the Simplicity:

#1 rated local insurance agents

An insurance agent simplifies things for you. Terminology, clauses, claims, coverage limits, and all the rest.

A great insurance agent isn't just a salesman or company representative. They're your advisor and advocate too.

Everybody needs friends in this world, even if you have to pay for them. Oh wait, you don't.

Most insurance agents don't cost you a penny more than the policies do.

That's a value you won't find anywhere else.

Start your quotes now

Compare rates for auto and home insurance here.  Or call and speak with a licensed insurance agent directly 314-569-1010

Is a local insurance agent my best choice?

Local insurance agents might be the past of least resistance, but not always the best choice for your needs.

Many people are having luck with agent's and broker's online quotes

Do your homework and research by asking questions about your coverage needs to determine if you have the answer you need.  

You might be surprised to learn not all independent insurance agents near me are the same.

Should I use an independent insurance agent?

Independent Insurance Agents

 Insurance Brokers offer multiple insurance companies as opposed to captive insurance agents who represent only one company.

That opens up a whole other can of worms when discussing Insurance Agents vs. Insurance Brokers.

What are insurance brokers?

Independent insurance agents are better known as insurance brokers representing you, the customer.  Insurance Brokers represent multiple insurance carriers, which give you, the customer, more choices. 

More choice gives you a better chance of finding lower-cost insurance without spending hours contacting several companies for quotes.

Some insurance brokers charge a fee for their service, but Insurance Brokers Group does not.

car insurance broker vs agent

A car insurance broker and agent are very similar, but the insurance broker represents you the consumer with multiple companies,  The insurance agent is an employee of the company, like Allstate, State Farm, and Farmers and only represents the company and products offered by that carrier.

What are Captive Insurance agents?

Captive insurance agents such as State Farm, Farmers, Allstate, etc. work for their company first and you the customer second.  Their loyalty is to the company.  

Captive Insurance agents are paid to only represent ONE company and are not allowed to suggest or refer business even if they know another company has a better price.

Insurance Brokers sell and service a HUGE network of "A" rated insurance carriers and have a vast knowledge of coverages for both personal and commercial insurance.


Local insurance agents are captive to offering and discussing only one company.  If you don’t like the product or service, you’ll need to find another company.

Insurance Agents or Insurance Brokers

Regardless if you decide to go the captive agent or independent insurance agent/broker follow the steps mentioned above.

What are the qualities of a good insurance agent?

  • Willingness to Learn.

Does the insurance agent spend time listening to you and your concerns about what's important to you when it comes to insurance?

  • Communication

How often do they communicate with their customers?

  • Competitiveness

Are they competitive, with the premium being charged for insurance?

  • Honesty and Integrity

Checking referrals to see if they’ve given the service they promised.

  • Leadership

Do they have a successful business or is disorganized with limited staff?

Who has the cheapest auto insurance?

With thousands of auto insurance companies around the country, finding the cheapest one can be a challenge.  

Because Insurance Brokers Group represents multiple car and home insurance companies, we can find the best rates fast.

Contact us one time and we go to work.  

NO fees

NO charge

No commitment

How are Insurance Brokers Paid?

We are paid by the insurance companies directly for our service.  

The commission or agency receives goes to pay our overhead, employees, technology, and ongoing service costs we provide our customers.

Top insurance agents are worth their weight in gold.  They are doing all the work and at no cost to you, because they are being compensated by the companies they represent.  So, it's a win-win for the consumer.

Start your
quotes today

Free, no obligation auto and home insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies with a simple and quick.

Finding the Best Insurance Agent

Finding the best insurance agent or broker may take some time, in some cases years.  Make sure they can help you with all your insurance needs, including auto, home, umbrella insurance and don't forget about life insurance.

Qualities of a good insurance agent 

Someone who will take the time to understand your insurance needs and budget.  Getting the best insurance is easy, but getting good insurance that is affordable can take some time.

The best independent insurance agents will have multiple insurance companies to quote your policies.  It takes a little more time, but getting the most quotes will help find the most affordable insurance.

Trusted insurance advisor

However, once you have the right person, you’ll have a greater peace of mind.  Knowing your property has been adequately insured is only realized when faced with a claim.

Don’t wait until you have a claim to find out if you have the right coverage. 

To speak with a licensed insurance broker in my area, call 314-569-1010 or Click for online quotes

The best independent insurance agents

You might be surprised at the number of excellent insurance brokers located near you.  

Ask questions when shopping for an independent insurance agency and see if the specialize in the type of insurance you need.

Some of the best independent insurance agencies might only focus on commercial insurance - which wouldn't help you much if you're looking at buying a new car or house.

You don't want to waste your time or the insurance agent if your insurance needs are not what they focus on.

In many cases, the best insurance agent or broker might be online.  

Compare insurance rates online and see if you find the agent you contact meets the requirements you need.

FAQs About Insurance Agents

best independent insurance agents near me

The best independent insurance agents are in every state and online.  An independent insurance agent work with multiple insurance companies to provide quotes from several top rated auto and home insurance companies.  Start check for better rates today from Insurance Brokers Group HERE


best auto insurance agents near me

The best auto insurance agents are independent agents that can provide quotes from multiple insurance companies.  The problem with working with a typical insurance agents is they only represent one company.  What are you going to do when they raise your rates at the next another agent.  Working with an "Independent" insurance agent or broker with save you a lot of time and money.  Get your quotes from the #1 independent auto insurance agent HERE


top insurance agents near me

Insurance Brokers Group is one of the best online insurance agencies.  If they are not able to help find better coverage they can refer you to an agency near you that can.  Let's get those quotes going for you today HERE


best home insurance agents near me

The best way to start your home insurance search is with Insurance Brokers Group.  A leading independent insurance agency working with customers from coast to coast with home, condo, and renters insurance needs.  For quick quotes online start HERE


About the Author

John Espenschied is a long-time veteran of the insurance industry. He has worked in various positions within the industry for over 20 years, and for the past 15 years, he has been the owner and operator of Insurance Brokers Group, an independent insurance agency. John loves advising people on the insurance that meets their needs and goals, whether it be for personal or commercial purposes.

John is married to Melissa, and they have three children together, as well as three grandchildren. In his spare time, John enjoys golfing and playing in the golf league, biking to their local brewery along the Missouri river, and going on motorcycle rides when the weather is nice.

John Espenschied

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